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Republic Bank’s recent halving of the maximum US dollar spending limit per billing cycle on their credit cards has once again brought Trinidad & Tobago’s foreign exchange challenges to the fore. With the dreaded Budget Day being imminent, once again, the scapegoat is online shopping on US sites. Per an … Read More

Trini businesses have been eyeing the Caribbean market for years; venturing into the region would be the logical next step after their online stores conquer the T&T market. However, I’ve never seen this happen— conquering the T&T market— so no ventures have been made into the Caribbean. That no one … Read More

You shouldn’t be salivating, you should be foaming at the mouth! It’s really something to witness this online revolution in Trinidad & Tobago. Recently, I saw a Facebook post, a business looking for a Content Creator, they’re everywhere now… and I mean ads for content creators and content creators. … Read More

In a clear signal that local E-Commerce is steadily marching forward, Scotiabank has introduced it’s very own payment gateway called Scotia eCom+™. It’s the first direct competitor to the First Atlantic Commerce (FAC), which has been the only similar option available in Trinidad & Tobago.
While FAC will still be available … Read More

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In another boost for Trinidad & Tobago E-Commerce, courier service king CSF Couriers, has put customers AND MERCHANTS first with their new CSF Connect API which allows for seamless integration between online stores and their CSF Domestic Delivery Service. Reliable domestic delivery has been a challenge for online stores in … Read More

Congratulations! Welcome to the wonderful world of E-Commerce in Trinidad & Tobago, brought to you by your unfriendly worldwide pandemic. Everybody’s woke and in the throes of online business bliss. However, we’ve sadly discovered that in our corner of the third world, everything’s not figured out. Yes we’ve got websites … Read More

If there is a sliver of a silver lining to the pandemic, this is it.- the permanent end to E-Commerce darkness in Trinidad & Tobago. Pre-pandemic, websites were chugging along, but online stores and shopping were barely limping forward. It was a classic case of chicken and the egg. Not … Read More

If the first wave didn’t make you jump off your offline backside back in March, you need a good bull pistle. Now, well into the second wave, meaner and nastier than before, and I’m referring to both Covid-19 and your government, what are you going to do?
It reminds me of … Read More

Since the lockdown in March, my PayPal articles, ancient as they are, (circa 2013), have experienced a resurgence like never before. I can understand the interest— Covid-19 has scared the bejesus out of every Tom, Dick and Harrilal Rampratap, and forced us to take a long hard look into … Read More

There’s a new payment gateway in town and it flew all the way from the Dutch Caribbean— Curaçao to be exact. Now available in Trinidad & Tobago from Scotiabank and CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank, the company CX Pay, has been operating in some Caribbean islands for quite some time and … Read More

I can’t deny it but E-Commerce has grown significantly in 2019. My last mood was ‘whatever’, it was moving but nothing to get giddy about. Still not giddy, but enough that I can’t ignore or dismiss it. It’s not an elephant in the room, but the room has something.
Does … Read More

I don’t get giddy for any upticks or trends real or imagined. For a while now I’ve chosen to simply report the facts. The fact is there is a discernible steady ‘canter’ in both the website design and E-Commerce marketplace. It’s amazing that the industry is even on it’s feet … Read More

At of start of 2019 and all of 2018, 2017— yes for the past few years— we’ve had (and still have) only TWO online payment methods available locally for your online store. Both accept local and internationally issued credit cards with no restrictions. They are First Atlantic Commerce (FAC) … Read More

Limping is putting it mildly; it’s more between a limp and two broken legs, pathetically dragging on the floor for all of 2018. If E-Commerce in Trinidad & Tobago was an animal, I’d shoot it and put it out of it’s misery. Fortunately, website design has remained constant and solid, … Read More

The biggest myth erroneously perpetuated by merchants for poor online sales is that Trinis are not ready for local E-Commerce. Same excuse goes for physical store owners on the fence to make the transition, and also by armchair experts observing from er, their armchairs.
Nothing could be further from the … Read More

In our tiny world of Trinidad web design and E-Commerce the status is that the industry is alive… but not kicking. I’ve grudgingly come to accept the ‘poke a poke’ Trini way of everything. So for all the exciting developments that’s developed and still developing, I advise you to contain … Read More

The Ministry of Trade and Industry of Trinidad & Tobago (MTI) formally announced their “National E-Commerce Strategy 2017-2021” on Wednesday 6th Dec 2017. You know, me, mention ‘E-Commerce’ and my antennas fly out and then some. But truth be told, it was of no surprise as I was consulted for … Read More

What if I told you that 2017 was a good year for web design and E-Commerce in Trinidad & Tobago? Cart me off to St. Anns right? Most national indicators were actually UP in 2017, unfortunately not the good ones— crime (the real biggy), inflation, corruption to name a few, … Read More

Forward Multimedia is promoting a NATIONAL CYBER MONDAY EVENT this November 27, 2017 in an effort to boost E-Commerce in Trinidad & Tobago. No apologies for the American-style ‘we-too’, it’s already ingrained in the national psyche and best put it to work for the sake of the the bigger picture. … Read More

All online stores in Trinidad & Tobago in one easy to find place, how cool is that? Backed by Forward Multimedia, this directory is launching soon!

Fresh on the heels of my WIPAY article, I bring you an updated guide on the mechanics of local E-Commerce.
I’ve decided to take a different approach for the first time ever and NOT give to you via an article but a PERMANENT PAGE instead, so this is an announcement … Read More

They can’t officially call themselves the Trini PayPal for obvious trademark reasons but I can, and unofficially they are. I’m pleased to announce we now have our own online payment service here in Trinidad & Tobago similar to the PayPal model you know and love.
Well it’s been mostly love-hate with … Read More

I’m pleased to announce the live status of a Magento online store using the First Atlantic Commerce (FAC) payment gateway. The site sells a line of cricket gear under the brand DAZZA and the Brand Ambassador is the famous former national cricketer Daren Ganga. What’s particularly noteworthy (other than the … Read More

Starting an online store in Trinidad & Tobago just got easier and more affordable now that my first E-Commerce website built on the WordPress platform, using the First Atlantic Commerce (FAC) payment gateway has just launched.
Easier for you because WordPress is very user friendly and requires little maintenance. Easier … Read More

It’s been my best and worst year since I started websiting. If I write everything you’ll swear I’m making it up. At it’s peak I was flying above the stratosphere with grand visions of Forward Multimedia going interstellar at ten times the speed of light! At its worst I … Read More

I’ll start with the direct quote from your Finance Minister’s budget statement on Friday 30 September, 2016:. “Madam Speaker, the popularity of online purchases has increased significantly over the past few years. Reducing the demand for these items helps to save on foreign exchange and to assist local industry. There … Read More

With the dreaded budget day 2016 getting very close, Trinis expect and will get the worst news, and no telling how this will impact E-Commerce investment and related activity as I really can’t call it now. Immediately what comes to mind is the online shopping tax proposed last year and … Read More

Call me the Oracle of E-Commerce in Trinidad & Tobago, say it! But you already knew that didn’t you? Well I’m not going to beat my chest… well, maybe just rap it lightly. A number of developments have developed of late and what has me excited is that these developments … Read More

I can’t believe it’s been a month since my last blog post and I’m sure you’re wondering where I am. First, I can get away with such a gap between articles— and only for the short term, but not you (it impacts on your SEO). I’m going to nip that … Read More

That sound you heard was the recession slamming into web design like a Mack truck. Despite the glimmer of hope at the start of the year, by the second quarter of 2016 everything dropped sheer off the edge of the cliff. Yes, website design in Trinidad & Tobago took a … Read More

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a standard inquiry when clients seek my website design services. It’s rise in popularity of late has seen requests for it à la carte as well. I believe the main driver behind this impetus is the combined force of now acute awareness forcing some … Read More

There is renewed interest in E-Commerce in Trinidad & Tobago in significant contrast to the drop in website business this year, even after an optimistic start. There are also many enquiries; whether or not they will lead to actual online stores remains to be seen.
I’ve been inundated with calls and … Read More

Trini business owners have to make a choice between investing in their website or ‘expensing’ it to weather this Trinidad & Tobago recession. From the looks of it, it looks like it’s going to be a long one and things are probably going to get worse, much worse, before they … Read More

That title reads like written for a news agency doesn’t it? It’s the truth though, I believe the jury came back in and that IS the verdict. If you recall, I said that the jury was out on whether Trini businesses would hold off on websites or invest in them … Read More

Five years and what a ride! Fortunately, I’m still in my seat. I won’t say that Forward Multimedia has exceeded my expectations as that would mean I didn’t expect much; it would be a poor reflection on me to start a business that way, since I went to business … Read More

It has a pulse doctor… the Trinidad & Tobago online Store Directory has finally taken human form. My second of two (2) major projects that I had planned for 2015 is finally a reality (the first one was an official support system in case you’re curious).
Directory is ready … Read More

The immediate post-election talk about this online shopping tax did pique my interest because it fell in my ‘gyaden’, but my concern instantly faded when the new Finance Minister dismissed it just as quickly by saying he did dismiss it quickly. To write something about it would have been to … Read More

Regardless of which side of the fence you’re on (and if you’re on it, ouch) the new government of Trinidad & Tobago is in charge of our affairs for the next five years. The PP Party is challenging as we all know, filing writs and such, but that’s another story, … Read More

So much for remaining ‘small’, ’boutique’, ‘a one-man show’. For the past few months I’ve been dying a death of a thousand cuts but only slowly realizing it. Pardon me while and add some ketchup and pepper on my words as I’m about to eat them right in front of … Read More

Back in the days of old, yore, long ago and longtime, I recall with nostalgia a different time in Trinidad & Tobago. Back then in primary school girls played ‘kicking-stone and ‘moral’, boys played ‘marble pitch’- ‘three hole’ and ‘Lyric’. Then I feel a clout behind my head and … Read More

E-Commerce in Trinidad & Tobago is growing slowly but surely. It’s still going to be some time until we have a humming marketplace with solid online stores

An unfinished website hurts you and hurts me. Trinidad companies have a knack for starting their websites hot, then boiling dong like bhagi

One day T-Commerce will come to Trinidad & Tobago, for the moment, we’ll be focusing on just the E. The T will come maybe sooner than you think.

Over 200 new domain extensions are available for registration with hundreds more coming. Time to end the TT quick-fix. Finally get your perfect domain!

Social Media marketing & Facebook marketing in Trinidad & Tobago got a little more interesting with the launch of a new advertising option— Product Ads

‘Satisfied customers’, ‘we aim to provide excellent service’. there’s a buffet of go-to buzzwords and buzz-phrases on call for any sentence to make it compelling for your website visitor. Or so you think…

What makes one company more successful over the other is its ability to use available tools effectively to achieve business goals. A website however, puts the control of a company’s destiny in their own hands much more than any other marketing medium.

Local business association leaders from Chaguanas and San Fernando have lamented the fact that Trinis have spent as much as US $500 million in online shopping in the last year in a C News Live television report aired on December 7.
Of course they weren’t lamenting that Trinis spent that … Read More

Right away that title is misleading, deliberately of course. Trinidad KFC teaches us nothing but we can learn a lot from the recent events online and off, revolving around the increased prices on their menu that sparked a public outcry that still continues at the time of this article.
Health arguments … Read More

“♪ Offline-ee and Online-ee, live together in perfect harmony…♫ (sung to the tune Ebony & Ivory, by Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder, circa 1980s), try it, the lyrics work…
Anyway, there is a valid point and a case to be made for such a co-existence on the low extreme, to a … Read More

It’s November 2014, and as Trinis would still say, “de year done already”, and really look how it has. This year has been a sustained blur as business has been coming in, again as Trinis say “like that”.
Though the main way I’m found is through Google search, it’s my … Read More

I’m going to darn well rub your faces into it because everything, and I mean EVERYTHING I’ve been screaming like a madman about, re: websites and e-commerce in Trinidad & Tobago is coming to pass and with a vengeance..
If you look at the date of my last article post it’s … Read More

MAGENTO. MAGENTO, MAGENTO, I’ve been braying about my e-commerce platform of choice at every turn as if it’s God’s gift to online shopping. In fact you’re probably wondering if I love it so much why don’t I marry it. Well as a matter of fact I did and we’re expecting … Read More

Now you can GO BRAVE! The TT Dollar payment gateway is available, live, and working as we speak. Bona fide e-commerce like you know and love à la USA is now a reality at locally based online stores.
This was by far the biggest obstacle to e-commerce in Trinidad & Tobago … Read More

Yes I thought the day would never come soon enough, the day we would have a payment gateway available for online business in Trinidad & Tobago. But as you are aware, it had already come a while ago through Scotiabank yet that’s not the day I’m talking about, and I’ll … Read More

If you snooze you lose, ain’t that the truth? While you were dilly-dallying and waiting for the stars to align, you missed your chance to hire me for a song.

Now my plate is fuller: more projects, bigger projects, e-commerce projects, more clients to visit, more clients to maintain. The one … Read More

I thought twice to include this article under the ‘Don’t be afraid…” series as it’s probably a reason to be afraid I’m afraid (it’s a nervous pun meant to lighten the blow…) but I couldn’t just put this article as a one off because of the topic. Anyway, doh ‘fraid … Read More

Were we all really that naive to think that the free advertising we’ve been enjoying on Facebook would last forever? In reality, Facebook has engineered the perfect heist with our full, outright cooperation. Yes they’ve been setting us up all along. It’s no longer an option, if you want your … Read More

There’s been a continuing sea of change over the last nine months. Trinidad & Tobago businesses and organizations are steadily adding new websites to the local cyberspace and it’s very heartening. It has been a healthy mixture of some going online for the first time as well as re-designs of … Read More

With more and more businesses wising up to websites there are many individuals smelling opportunities to make money from them. As the title suggests, it usually comes about when one observes some public need that’s being unfulfilled by a website that does whatever it is, or feel like they can … Read More

There are two online stores in Trinidad & Tobago which are ‘popular’ for reasons I can’t fathom except that local e-commerce is so lacking it’s like we’re in a desert and in the absence of water people are drinking the sand.
But this article is not to disparage and pick … Read More

I feel like an Oracle as what I’ve prophesied is coming to pass, is passing, and will probably PASS YOU before you can blink. In case you didn’t know, the world wide web turned 25 in March 2014, which means it turned about 5 in Trinidad & Tobago. It’s probably … Read More

It was welcome news back in 2011 when the government finally passed the Electronic Transaction Act (2011) that would give legal effect to electronic documents, electronic records, electronic signatures and electronic transactions for online businesses operating in Trinidad & Tobago.
It was passed in the House of Representatives this 11th, February, … Read More

Amazon is almost twenty years old and most everyone in T&T knows how to shop online. In the US and around the world online shopping for business and personal is a basic activity and co-exists comfortably and peacefully with offline shopping at the stores and malls and doesn’t raise an … Read More

Online marketing tools are many— Email newsletters, search engines, Google Adwords, Social Media, Contests, Promotions and many more. In Trinidad & Tobago it generally means Facebook and lately to the the right of my Facebook page are many more Trini ads and I remember a time when it wasn’t like … Read More

I’ll preface this article with a brief history lesson.  I placed my very first ad in the Trinidad Express classifieds back in January 2011. Back then (as if it was really that long), Forward Multimedia was totally unknown in T&T, nowhere to be found Google for any keyword, and I … Read More

The New Year has begun and like every other new year in living memory, you’ve started with a renewed spirit like the tired old cliché it is. We’ve all been going through the same motions like clockwork year in and year out. The good news is that it’s not going … Read More

Right after my mid-year review in June the website landscape went off on a tangent. Up till then things had progressed pretty much as I predicted which, for the sake of completeness, were:

Websites growth will remain flat or improve slightly
E-commerce obstacles will remain

So now I’ll give my official 2013 Year … Read More

As we close out November I’ll have much to write in my 2013: Year in Review article especially as I see things closing out on a high note and in stark contrast from last year. Talk about turning on a dime, the sudden change in gear around mid-2013 has … Read More

I’m compelled to write Part 5 right on the heels of Part 4 for two reasons: 1. It’s a developing story worthy of special attention, and 2. The shifting sands in Trinidad & Tobago I’m witnessing of late is palpable, seemingly out of nowhere. I’m seeing such an uptick in … Read More

I’ve been following this SEO development which began to make waves a few days ago, for which experts claim that it ‘changes SEO as we know it’. That’s a big statement to make and you would think that the sheer gravity of it would be making headlines. It has, but … Read More

The longer I’m in this website business the more it opens my eyes. A website is not the end, it’s only a means to it. Before online there was offline, but offline still ‘is’ and isn’t going anywhere. Online just added one more way of marketing your business and like … Read More

I like to maco as much as the next Trini. I see a Trini looking ad on the side of my Facebook page and you bet I’m going to click. For every 10 Trinis who see that ad my guess is that 9 won’t resist and the 10th already clicked … Read More

I don’t want to get ahead of myself or jump to premature conclusions but in the business of websites in Trinidad and Tobago (see how I stuck that keyword in there?) I have a front row seat and I’m a little more up close and personal than most. In my … Read More

I’ve pre-empted my planned content for Part 4 to bring you this absolutely priceless infographic, billed as ‘Google’s 200 Ranking Factors: The Complete List’ that explains 200 ways Google is judging your website right now. As we say in Trini ‘Wha more yuh want?’
It’s a dizzying list, some you’ll be … Read More

Welcome to my new E-commerce series. My first article set enjoyed a great run and still contain useful information applicable today. I thought it fitting to freshen things up a bit and put you more at ease, especially with the accessibility of our only local payment gateway via First Atlantic … Read More

How remiss of me to have not written an article about this topic before, but now is as good a time as any especially as Trinidad & Tobago is lukewarming up to this website thing (yes I said that on purpose), AND… because I’ve covered most of the other bases … Read More

In the previous article in this series I highlighted the need for your website to be ready for the visit lest you disappoint your visitor when they come. It’s because many of the top returned sites on Google T&T don’t deserve their ranking, having ended up at the top or … Read More

Independently verified and not just Magento tooting their horn, 26% of the top 1 million sites (as ranked by industry leader Alexa) run the Magento e-commerce software. This is the third year in a row Magento has emerged the leader and the platform appears to be growing exponentially far eclipsing … Read More

Halfway through the year now and the title says it all. In my opening Outlook For Trinidad & Tobago Web Design For 2013 article I gave my predictions for this year’s trends from where I sit and sadly I was right. I’m also in a better position now at this … Read More

In case you didn’t know, this series rank as the number one returned result for a website design company on Google T&T for both keywords ‘e-commerce in trinidad and tobago’ and ‘e commerce trinidad’. I’ve put a lot of thought and effort into each article which hopefully provided you with … Read More

Why would hackers even bother with our tiny Trini sites when in the world website landscape richer fields beckon? Why do hackers hack in the first place? To hack or not to hack isn’t the question. While some personally hack, many instances are automated and the intent may be, according … Read More

Up until now I’ve built all E-Commerce sites using WordPress themes designed for E-Commerce. The reason being that the owners simply wanted an an online store option for their customers to complement their physical store. It’s not that they weren’t serious about E-Commerce but it’s the of level E-Commerce adequate … Read More

Hang on to your hats and get ready to have your socks knocked off everyone! If you’re standing, sit, if you you’re sitting, lie down, if you’re lying down have someone close by to revive you for you’re going to be knocked unconscious, what I’m about to tell you is … Read More

Yes the headcount is official (one head per person) and of course ‘what it should mean to you’ is in the context of having your business online or having an online business.
The 2011 National Population and Housing Census Demographic Report was launched at the Hyatt Regency in Port of Spain … Read More

You’re probably thinking what the heck kind of question is that, of course they work right? We’re Trinis and as long as we see a Trini ad we’re going to click. I doubt any of you’ve resisted the temptation of taking a little ‘maco’ even if the ad wasn’t targeted … Read More

I’m sure you were expecting this part to jump right into the nuts and bolts of Search Engine Optimization for Trinidad & Tobago: keywords, meta tags, heading hierarchy, link building and what have you— but I’m not. I’m going to deliberately put the bullcart before the bull. Let’s paint this … Read More

I always maintain that a website is not about inner beauty, that you only have one chance at a first impression. A visitor pretty much sizes you up when they land on your homepage as an indication of what to expect (or not expect) when they venture in.
I discussed this … Read More

With all the attention online marketing using social media, Facebook, Linkedin- the whole kitchen sink of online tools, especially all the tutorials, tips and tricks, hints and sometimes magic thrown in, we don’t hear as much about the traditional forms of marketing with so much as half the passion.
They’re rarely … Read More

I Google, therefore I am. I’ve always said that the number one most visited website in Trinidad & Tobago is Facebook. The second most visited is Google T&T. Let me show you the top five right now:

Haven’t I been telling you that? We socialize, we search and we shop. You … Read More

I’m sure you’re wondering, given all my articles, explanations and advice about e-commerce in Trinidad & Tobago, why I’m not doing it myself if I’m such an expert. Good question and I’m glad you asked. There’s actually two reasons: I’m already doing what I love and that’s enough. A bona … Read More

Okay, this article is getting enormous attention of late and my inbox is being bombarded with queries and comments so I’m forced to update this article as it appears that many of you are searching for answers on PayPal and the resources out there are very thin. I’m also reasonably … Read More

After one full year immersed right in the middle of this website thing in Trinidad & Tobago, I’ve been able to glean some insights which I’ve often used as subject and content in my regular articles. Now that 2013 is out the blocks I want to give you what I … Read More

In the Business Express of Jan 9, 2013 the cover story inside headlined the ‘Steady growth in credit card purchases’ while the cover page proclaimed ‘Online shopping surge at Christmas: Click and Collect’ causing me to snort out some of my coffee. I couldn’t imagine it referring to Trinidad & … Read More

We all clear our spam boxes regularly, even stopping to scan the list in case a bona fide email gets caught in the overzealous spam filters. It’s very likely that some legitimate emails we’ve subscribed to that do make it to our inbox don’t see the light of day either, … Read More

You know FACEBOOK but meet GOOGLE PLUS— the other white meat! In case you weren’t aware, Google+ is an online social network powered by none other than Google. One can hardly mention Google+ without mentioning Facebook as it is seen by many to be the only real contender. And it … Read More

It’s the first day of November today leaving just two months more for this year. I’ll save the sentimental ‘looking back at 2012’ article for its rightful place at end of December though as this article is to give a heads up on what I’m working on in this homestretch … Read More

Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) in T&T begins 12 Nov – 18 Nov 2012. From the GEW website: “Global Entrepreneurship Week is the world’s largest celebration of the innovators and job creators who launch startups that bring ideas to life, drive economic growth and expand human welfare.

During one week each November, … Read More

I couldn’t write this article when I started Forward Multimedia a year and a half ago, for I was nowhere to be found on Google T&T back then. I stopped looking after page ten (and who the heck goes beyond page one?) and then grudgingly accepted that I had my work cut … Read More

Continuing with your website’s development being akin to a living thing with stages (and we’ll see how far we can go with that!) I finished at the ‘CONCEPTION’ stage in Part 2 where it actually got graphic, without offending anyone by the way, and the website wireframe was conceived.
Technically, gestation … Read More

CONCEPTION comprises two phases: (1) Understanding and appreciating the ‘concept’ of a website which is a big deal, and (2) Conceptualizing the website to create a framework for its content.
It’s my opinion that many Trini business owners fail to appreciate the sheer magnitude of this ‘thing’ … Read More

I know Trini’s are notoriously lackadaisical but we seem to plan a beach lime very well don’t we? When it comes to our business though, we’re often flying by the seat of our pants. The culture of Trini business, at least in the case of small and medium businesses, is … Read More

Me? I do it on a regular basis (as I’m sure they do me). That doesn’t mean I spend every waking moment stalking their sites and spying on their work. It’s good business practice to size up the competition and know what you’re up against. The last thing you want to do … Read More

The last time I talked about Forward Multimedia’s own Google rankings was roughly a year ago, October 9th, 2011 to be precise. We were also less than a year old in T&T and rankings were already dominated by a slew of local web designers. However we were able to appear … Read More

What do I mean by ‘real’? By real I mean bona fide e-commerce websites, you know, like Amazon and the thousands of other sites that if you were living ‘away’ you’d be shopping till you drop just like the Americans. I can write this article authoritatively because having lived ‘away’ … Read More

Many clients ask about a ‘local e-commerce solution’ which is somewhat of a misnomer. If by local solution you mean one where online purchases are paid for in TT Dollars then there is none. If by local solution you mean one where the payment is processed right here in T&T … Read More

Weird question right? A recent experience prompts me to write this though I’ve had more than a few similar experiences within the past few months. Without sounding too self serving I’ve had new clients whose websites I’ve had to take over from their current website designer. If the company already … Read More

In my last article An Un-Scientific Analysis of the Trinidad & Tobago Online Market I made a general estimate of the local online market and said that the best indicator was Facebook’s statistics which put the figure around 380,000 users out of our population of 1.2 million. I also listed … Read More

June 16, 2012 UPDATE: Please view the draft content page here.

April 21, 2012 UPDATE: I’ve started a general outline which will make the entire book into 3 parts: The local e-commerce overview; The e-commerce website; Making it work in T&T. Within that framework are sub-headings with each further comprising their … Read More

When you put up a website it isn’t ‘just for so’, you want people to come to it right? Granted, there are many companies in T&T who actually do that, i.e. put up a website for the sake of having one but that’s them. You want visitors and it’s a … Read More

An article in the daily Newsday newspaper on March 29th, 2012 headlined ‘Postal code coming soon’ described a new postal code system to be introduced in Trinidad & Tobago by the end of the year. Trinis are all too familiar with the American system of ZIP Codes which has been … Read More

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times: the barren landscape of local online businesses is a goldmine for the visionary. Imagine that- in this day and age, in the year 2012 a Trini business owner who finally decides to put up a company website is a … Read More

Of course this will apply to you if you have a website in the first place. If you don’t have a website then you’re reading the wrong article, you should actually be reading ‘What Is A Website And Why You Need One”. (That’s a joke by the way).

Portfolios are mainly … Read More

With all the questions I get about e-commerce websites you’d think that the Trini shopping public is clamoring to shop online. Far from it- they’re not as concerned as you may think and that’s despite its unquestionable potential. What they are crying out for, believe it or not, are regular … Read More

UPDATE MARCH 2013: PLEASE NOTE: One of the major issues covered in this article series, that of payment processing has been favorably resolved. See article: Finally An Online Payment Solution For All Of Trinidad & Tobago.

Love me or hate me for you’re going to groan that it took up to … Read More

UPDATE MARCH 2013: PLEASE NOTE: One of the major issues covered in this article series, that of payment processing has been favorably resolved. See article: Finally An Online Payment Solution For All Of Trinidad & Tobago.

In Part One of this series I talked about the options available in Trinidad & … Read More

First of all do you have any argument with such a statement? Are a few bad apples spoiling the whole bunch or are a bunch of bad apples spoiling a few? At worst I’m sure you’ll agree with the overall perception then that ‘customer service’ in Trinidad and Tobago stinks … Read More

I get new clients who call asking what I can do do improve their current websites. When I meet for an interview they’re always surprised at the questions I ask as they weren’t asked these questions the first time around by whoever did their site. Makeover or brand new, I … Read More

UPDATE MARCH 2013: PLEASE NOTE: One of the major issues covered in this article series, that of payment processing has been favorably resolved. See article: Finally An Online Payment Solution For All Of Trinidad & Tobago.

In the Part 1 of this article I talked about the 2 kinds of E-Commerce … Read More

YES YOU KNOW what a website is, but do you know what it really is? I’ll tell you what it is: Your website is your RESUME! When a potential customer visits your site you’re being interviewed to provide your product or service. If the visitor thinks you’re good enough then … Read More

Here’s an excerpt from a small tutorial I wrote that you may download which may have a thing or two (actually 10) that you may apply to your business whatever its size. Some may be obvious some may not, well anyway, here is the introduction as I wrote it:
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It’s either lead, follow or get out of the way! Face it, Trini’s love Facebook and have engaged it overwhelmingly. While I continue to trumpet the cause that all businesses absolutely NEED a website, then in lieu of one (and only in the meantime) you should create a Facebook business page for … Read More

UPDATE MARCH 2013: PLEASE NOTE: One of the major issues covered in this article series, that of payment processing has been favorably resolved. See article: Finally An Online Payment Solution For All Of Trinidad & Tobago.

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Following my move back to Trinidad, after ten years in New York, I’ve made a disturbing discovery: there is a woeful lack of Trinidad & Tobago companies online. What’s more disturbing is that average Trini shopper is actually LOOKING for them on the internet and they are just not there. … Read More

Are you a small business owner in T&T? Here is a new Facebook page just for you. Introduce yourself, share your business and share your insights so we all may benefit. Here is the link: T&T Small Business Network on Facebook.

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