Video Plans & Pricing

  • Template Video

    $1,800 TTD

    Base Price (subject to video length)

    After Effects Video Template
    Use client video
    Use client images
    Up to 1 round of revisions
    Commercially Licensed Music
    mp4 file format
    On location video
  • Narrative Video

    $6,500 TTD

    Base Price (subject to video length)

    Concept & Scripting
    Narrative storytelling format
    Film Style
    Up to 3 rounds of revisions
    Commercially Licensed Music
    mp4 file format
    On location video


As the name suggests, this format is a pre-conceptualized video template themed per business-type and are available for many popular industries. With demos to choose from it's similar to website templates, i.e you can find one that suits your taste and style preferences.


This is the more 'standard' corporate style videos, generally suited for company introductions, to describe a product or service, or announce some sale or promotion. It typically uses a mix of static images and video footage with or without narration.


Here is where you get a story-line with characters who have some acting ability. These videos are more entertaining and engaging and are proper productions. They require directing expertise and great skill to pull off, not to mention good video editing skills.


After Effects Template

Source files for the selected video template come in Adobe After Effects format and edited in that software.

Client Video

Clients can shoot their own video per the requirements of the template using their phone or camera.

Client Images

Clients can shoot their pictures per the requirements of the template using their phone or camera.

Revision Rounds

Number of times client can make edits and updates to to the video before final version.

Commercially Licensed Music

All music tracks used to accompany video can come from royalty-free source and paid commercial license.

On-Location Video

Visit to client location for video shoot with equipment- lighting, microphones, green-screen etc.

MP4 Format

Final videos will be saved in mp4 format suitable for upload to website, You Tube etc.

Concept & Scripting

We work with client concept or idea to create script or develop original concept per client marketing objectives.


Template videos can take between 1-2 weeks subject to timely receipt of content form the client. Business and Narrative videos can take at least twice as long depending on the complexity of the video,

Riyality Studio is a small studio and growing with essential equipment:

  • Canon EOS DSLR camera with full HD 1080p video recording at up to 60 fps in the MP4 format
  • Rode Video Mics for clear, crisp, directional audio
  • Bi-Color LED 480 Video Lights (variable white balance from tungsten-daylight from 3200 to 5600K)
  • Multi-Disc Light Reflectors
  • Color Correction Lighting Gel Filters
  • Green screens
  • Adobe Creative Cloud for video editing

At just 20 years old and making videos since he was ten, Riyality Studio’s Riyadh Rahaman is an up and coming filmmaker in Trinidad & Tobago. He’s been twice screened in the Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival (TTFF) and a two time nominee for the People’s Choice Award. His 2019 TTFF submission ‘The Lagahoo’ was aired twice on local station TTT as part of their Live for Local’ series also gaining him an interview on the TTT Now Morning Show with Lisa Wickham. He was also interviewed by the Express newspaper in 2019 for his crime short film ‘Red Alert’ which is one of his best work.

In 2019 he completed a 2 month intensive filmmaking in course in the US which provided training in all facets of film and video production gaining first-hand experience working in the variety of roles in production while using Hollywood grade equipment.

To keep costs affordable, we generally try to use the client’s own staff who may have some natural acting ability that can be brought out some under good direction. Also generally, in many cases, real people from the company are better. Professional actors can be hired depending on the video requirements but will significantly impact the overall cost.

We also have our own ‘natural’ actors. Though our video packages are budget friendly, we DO NOT put out poorly scripted and executed productions, especially bad acting, narrations that sound wooden or rehearsed, etc.

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Pick a plan you like and contact me to follow through with the sign-up. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask as my FAQ’s may not answer all; plus I’ll use it to expand the FAQs as well.

It’s helpful to have a general concept in mind as you know your business better than us. However, we will provide the necessary guidance and video expertise so that a creative and solid script can be developed.

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