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Video is no longer a trend... it's the primary medium for reaching and engaging customers across all platforms. These days, short form videos are the most popular format, created relevant to the platform.

Our Products & ServicesVideo remains the key component in all online marketing campaigns and has emerged as a cornerstone of successful digital strategies. Whether it’s through eye-catching product demos, compelling storytelling, or immersive brand experiences, video has the power to leave a lasting impression like no other medium can.

Moreover, in an era where attention spans are dwindling and competition for audience engagement is fiercer than ever, video content stands out as a beacon of creativity and authenticity, driving higher levels of brand awareness, engagement, and conversions. In Trinidad & Tobago today, it’s a necessity for staying relevant and competitive.

Facebook & Instagram Reels, You Tube Shorts, TikTok

Even though you’re promoting business, Facebook is meant to be social, which is why you’re seeing many ‘amateur’ videos shot by company owners (more small to medium business) or staff. With today’s smartphones video quality is excellent and getting better, and despite imperfections with the shots, like shaky camera, bad angles, poor audio and lighting, they do well despite.

But like everything else, sometimes you need a professional touch, not only in technical video quality, but creative video quality to your message across with a higher conversion rate.

Facebook or social media videos are usually shorter as many posts compete for our attention and you have to choose a style and subject that has a higher probability of engagement.

Also bear in mind that video posts, like all other posts on Facebook, get pushed down the page as you keep making new posts, i.e. they eventually go out of sight. Since you’re investing time and money producing these videos, you’ll still want views on an ongoing basis. Which brings me to…

Long Form Videos

Social Media VideoYou Tube videos tend to be longer so better suited for ‘explainer’ videos, tutorials, how-to’s and more detailed content that’s still going to draw engagement even though the video is long. That’s also how You Tube ranks videos; those that get viewed most or all the way are indicative of higher quality content that viewers want to see. Contrast that with a Facebook video— nobody is going to watch a five minute video all the way through. For many Trinis, anything over sixty seconds tend to have a higher drop-off rate.

You Tube videos are better for embedding on your website. The alternative is using the native browser player (called HTML5 player) by uploading your video just like any other file to your host. There are cases for either, one is that you track views better and can get comments (sometimes not a good thing) when you embed.

Long Form video

Long Form video

Types of Video Productions

Video Trend in 2024

As video production and promotion grows in Trinidad & Tobago, here are what’s trending in the local video landscape.

  • More use of video over static post content
  • Mix of raw and polished video
  • Use of local influencers
  • More personal- featuring owners or staff
  • Occasional use of ‘lives’