Payment Processing- First Atlantic Commerce


Forward Multimedia has been an official Strategic Partner with First Atlantic Commerce (FAC) since 2013, offering the first ever TTD Payment Gateway in Trinidad & Tobago via local banks.


Currently in 2021, ALL local banks have partnered with FAC to offer online payment solutions for E-Commerce websites in T&T

First Atlantic Commerce (FAC) is a payment gateway provider based in Bermuda and offers a TT Dollar gateway available in Trinidad & Tobago in partnership with our local banks.

ALL local banks, namely First Citizens Bank (FCB), Republic Bank, Scotiabank, RBC Royal Bank, CIBC First Caribbean Bank offer FAC’s payment gateway.

These alliances have tremendous advantages and have overcome the challenges that were face by Trinidad & Tobago businesses by having an E-Commerce solution in Trinidad & Tobago that’s specifically designed for them. The First Atlantic Commerce (FAC) solution is not new to Trinidad & Tobago, it was available in the ‘earlies’ but only offered to corporate and commercial clients via Scotiabank. Only in late 2013 did First Citizens Bank (FCB) come on board, followed by two more banks in 2015. By 2019, all banks offered the FAC.

FUN FACT #1: FCB’s first commercial FAC integration was with a Forward Multimedia client and the developer cost to code was a whopping $1,800 USD. Hmmm, fact wasn’t fun then!


FAC is the optimal payment solution in T&T

Of the two (2) online payment methods available locally (WiPay being the second), FAC is the premier, optimal solution. When it became available, processing of payments in TT Dollars became possible for the first time, as too several other features that were not available from PayPal and 2Checkout.

Processing in USD is possible for international transactions when customers use non T&T issued credit cards and you, the merchant, legitimately earn your own USD which you have a right to. Not all banks automatically allow USD transactions, Republic Bank for example, needs to ‘monitor’ your account first before they can grant that privilege. I’ve had FCB allow it without issue. Please check with your bank first if you need to also process transactions in USD.

FAC has solid operations, stellar customer service

From the beginning of our partnership and up to this day, FAC has been an extremely efficient operation. FAC doesn’t drop the ball, ever. Every new account is seen all the way through in a very coordinated manner with all departments. Replies to inquiries and support requests are always timely, always same-day and often within an hour or even minutes. They always send out notifications of service disruptions and follow-up status updates.

Overall, if there was ever a rating for FAC, it would be a well deserved five stars. Any similar new entrant to the T&T payment gateway space would have to really come out swinging to make any impact.

FUN FACT #2: It takes at least 2 months to reach the final point where FAC gives all-clear for live transactions. A month and a half is spent actually getting the MID here in T&T. Go figure!


FAC gateway default features

What makes First Atlantic Commerce so attractive (other than being the only gateway like it in T&T), are those by virtue of it being a direct merchant account with acquiring bank (as opposed to an aggregate account like WiPay). Others include:

  • Multi-currency processing, not limited to TTD and USD
  • Daily settlement/payouts
  • Repeat and Subscription Billing
  • 24 x 7 telephone, web and email technical support
  • Sophisticated Merchant Portal
  • Initiate refunds and reversals

Forward Multimedia recommends no particular bank

From my experience of FAC integrations via four of the five banks (Scotiabank being the fifth), I have no clear favorite. Each have their own terms and relationships with FAC, pricing structure etc. Generally I advise clients to stick with the bank they do business with. If they deal with multiple banks, as most do, then they’re free to shop around and choose or negotiate the best deal.