Updated May, 2024

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The 'wokeness' is good and bad. Good for Trinis because much more online shopping. But bad for you as it's much more crowded and competitive.

Our Products & ServicesA wise saying is ‘creep before you walk’. I’ve seen about a half a dozen or so Amazon type stores come on the scene the last few years and fizzle. From my hands-on knowledge of what such would take, it’s a MAMMOTH task— not for the individual, not for a small team, not for a small budget. If you’re thinking about it, stop please.

If you’re thinking about a small or relatively large online store, you’re on the right track. If you already have a physical store, all the better, it’s easy to segue to online. This type has many inherent advantages off the bat.

Forward Multimedia is one of the most foremost authorities on local E-Commerce gained through on the ground experience from almost day one when there were little or no options.

E-Commerce platforms offered

Types of online stores

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2024 E-Commerce Trends- Arrows UP

As of 2024, online shopping now a comfortable routine with more players and regular customers.

Latest trends as a result are:

  • More online stores in general
  • More Shopify stores
  • Increased social media promotion across all channels
  • More use of influencers
  • More new website companies

Compiling the product catalog- YOUR TASK

Believe it or not, some clients assume that’s my job. However, it’s not. You are responsible for sourcing and organizing all the info a you need your customer to see when they view your products, namely:

  1. Product Name
  2. Product Category & sub categories
  3. Short and Long Descriptions
  4. Price
  5. SKU
  6. Image (of high quality and large size)

I recommend the use of an Excel spreadsheet with each item in its own column for better manipulation for bulk uploads and updates.

Catalog Assistance Service

Inventory SyncingIf you do want to give the job to Forward Multimedia, we now provide such a service. You indicate the products and we’ll do the online research to find the info, then assemble into an upload-ready format in an Excel spreadsheet.

Typically this will involve finding the products directly from the manufacturer’s website and copying the details (as per the list above) plus downloading any images. Cost of this service:

  • 50 products
  • All basic text info
  • Download one image per product
  • $300 TTD per 50 products

Inventory Syncing

Inventory SyncingForward Multimedia can sync your offline inventory with your online store after exporting and reformatting from your accounting system. This export allows us to bulk upload your entire stock to your online store, be it on the WordPress or Magento platform.

Without the use of plug-ins or extensions, our custom system, developed in-house, allows the syncing of any system, and to date we’ve successfully synced the following accounting systems:

  • Quickbooks
  • Peachtree
  • Counterpoint
  • RMS