Social Media Plans & Pricing

UPDATED SOCIAL MEDIA PLANS! Now ALL plans more video-centric as video posts more popular than ever.

  • Essential

    $3,800 TTD

    per month

    Social Media Strategy Design
    2 Social Channels- FB & IG
    Content/Editorial Calendar
    Social Posts- 8 per month
    FB/IG/TT/YT Reels- 2 per month
    Comment/Message- 30 mins daily
    Monthly Report
    Video Shoots- none
    Boost Posts
    Ad Campaigns
  • Premium

    $7,500 TTD

    per month

    Social Media Strategy Design
    3 Social Channels- FB & IG, TikTok
    Content/Editorial Calendar
    Social Posts- 12 per month
    FB/IG/TT/YT Reels- 4 per month
    Comment/Message- 30 mins daily
    Monthly Report
    Video Shoots- 2 per month
    Boost Posts
    Ad Campaigns

SHORT FORM VIDEOS- FB/IG Reels, TikTok, YouTube Shorts

  • $700 TTD per short form video- live shooting
  • $400 TTD per short form video- no live shooting
  • Video production includes max 2 visits per month for video shoots


Strategy Design

The real value behind paid social media services. Discussing vision, objectives and designing a plan around them from a marketing perspective.

Content Calendar

Scheduling what to post and when. The content calendar also guides the content preparation so that they're ready in advance.

Social Posts

The form the social post will take: image promoting a product/service, seasonal graphic, testimonial, video, news, blog post, tips

Custom Images

Custom graphic design in Photoshop for all images required for social posts. Includes revisions and approval by client.

Blog Posts

We write a relevant and SEO friendly blog article for your website and post link to social media channel.

Comment/Message Reply

Monitoring of all post comments and inbox messages. Some replies may need referring to client for appropriate response.

Simple Video

Basic video to add dimension to social posts; will generally include use of static images, some client video.

Boost Posts/Ad Campaigns

Design of paid ad campaigns or Facebook boost posts. This is an additional cost not included in monthly package.


A paid social media plan is entirely optional. If you feel that you can do it on your own and achieve satisfactory results then by all means save the expense.

It depends on what marketing qualifications and experience they possess. The social media service you are paying for has less to do with making the actual posts and more to do with designing the strategy and creating the content to achieve your objectives. In theory if it was so easy that anyone could do it, then there wouldn’t be the need for such services. The fact that there is a need for these services answers the question.

There is no right answer for this. The number one social media platform in Trinidad & Tobago is obviously Facebook. Some businesses may not be appear to be ‘Facebooky’ types, especially those B2B (business to business), heavy industry like Oil & Gas etc. It all depends on your demographic, i.e. who you’re targeting.

We can only tell you generally how to handle negative comments and that is head on. Trinis ‘have no cover’ in social media sometimes but best approach is to be professional, not dismissive or defensive, but try to get to bottom of complaint and regain trust.

The only way to tell if it’s working is to measure against predetermined targets. These targets will be set at the initial content strategy stage and performance will be seen in the monthly reports.

Get Started

Pick a plan you like and contact me to follow through with the sign-up. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask as my FAQ’s may not answer all; plus I’ll use it to expand the FAQs as well.

Ideally the period would be on a month to month basis, I won’t lock anyone into a minimum contract period. which is more affordable and easier to manage.

The first order of business would be the strategy meeting where we discuss your company, vision and objectives so I can advise the best way forward.

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