WiPay Online Payment Processing


WiPay has been growing phenomenally since inception in 2016 towards its mission to solve the challenges the Caribbean has been facing with digital payments and the lack of ‘financial inclusion’.


WiPay isn’t a financial institution and doesn’t hold $ on the users’ behalf. Funds are held by existing regulated financial institutions.

WiPay is a payment aggregator and technically not a gateway, i.e they do no processing themselves. Their payment processor is First Atlantic Commerce. When an order is paid by credit card via WiPay payment method on the checkout page, you’ll see the URL change from the online store’s URL as the browser redirects to what’s called the Hosted Payment Page (HPP) on FAC’s secure server to enter the credit card number.

The process is the same for all WiPay accounts and the funds collected from multiple transactions on behalf of the various online stores are deposited to WiPay’s FAC account and then to their bank account. That’s the ‘aggregate’ from which WiPay distributes to net funds (ie. less the processing and transaction fees) to each merchant which will be refelcted in their WiPay balance. With one click that balance can be transferred to the bank account that was specified on sign-up.

FUN FACT #1: WiPay boasts over 5,000 account sign-ups and their WiPay ID numbering system for account holders is simple sequential starting from 1. Forward Multimedia’s ID is 4.


WiPay for Trinidad & Tobago & Caribbean online stores

WiPay markets as a Caribbean solution. As a home grown T&T company, WiPay actually came to the rescue at the right time. Despite FAC’s availability, its cost is prohibitive for the majority of Trinis and without WiPay, growth of E-Commerce in Trinidad & Tobago would have remained at snail’s pace. Credit to WiPay for providing the shot in the arm the industry needed.

WiPay has kept moving forward and evolving, adding more products like the Zwillo app to get paid via email or social media, and their smart terminal to make and accept payments at the point of sale. Their most recent addition, announced November 2019, is most relevant here— their ‘Rebel Visa Debit Card’ which is described later down this page.

Available WiPay payment options

Forward Multimedia offers WiPay ONLY on these platforms

FUN FACT #2: WiPay’s CEO Aldwyn Wayne reached out to Forward Multimedia in July 2016, but it wasn’t till Jan 2017 I was able to test and then write a review only by March 2017.


WiPay default features

In addition to the three payment types mentioned above, there other features of WiPay to be aware of. WiPay can’t be compared head to head with FAC as they’re apples to green fig.

  • Online store base currency MUST be TTD
  • USD available as additional currency
  • Only Visa & Mastercard accepted, No Amex
  • Funds withdrawals take 3-5 business days
  • Refunds/reversals handled by WiPay manually