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UPDATED: April 2023

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Going viral is not the goal. Measurably growing your business year after year with an efficient sustainable social media marketing strategy that drives increased revenue, nurtures a happy community, and elevates your brand value is the goal.

Our Products & ServicesSocial media is used to be just Facebook. Those days are long gone, primarily due to the increased competition for your news feed which impacted potential for organic growth. The rise of TikTok totally changed the game; there’s been a significant shift in the demographics,. Young Trinis are using TikTok and Instagram as their platforms of choice and TikTok’s video-centric platform forced all competitors to adjust. However, Facebook is still a lynchpin and isn’t going anywhere by any stretch of the imagination.

There are companies and individuals who feel savvy enough to handle promotion themselves, but there are some who prefer pay for a professional social media service. These days the top content is video, which is one of Forward Multimedia’s core strengths.

Why choose Forward Multimedia to manage your social media?

  1. Experience- over a decade and counting, with 100 websites in our portfolio all live mind you, in 2024. Our suite of services is constantly growing and evolving as well as our reach is expanding across the Caribbean, and we have US clients too.
  2. Expertise- we’ve developed a deep understanding of design principles and industry standards. Our expert web and graphic team prioritize user-centric design, crafting websites that are intuitive, engaging, and optimized for seamless navigation across devices while implementing SEO best practices.
  3. Authority- 2018 panelist in the annual Trinidad and Tobago Internet Governance Forum; an invited speaker for the launch of the Virtual Caribbean DNS Entrepreneurship Center (VDECC) in T&T, an initiative of ICANN; consultant for the Ministry of Trade & Industry’s National E-Commerce Policy, with many recommendations making it to the final policy; prolific article and blog portfolio.
  4. Trust- a high level of client retention since inception in 2011 (more than 80 unique clients); trusted by national brands, government organizations, large, small and micro enterprises, without losing our soul… we’re accessible, transparent, solution-oriented and straight as an arrow.

Forward Multimedia Social Media Marketing Service

Popular Marketing Channels

In a small island of 1.3 million people, there are over 500,000 persons online and they are using social media. Facebook remains a staple for business promotion, but the reach and conversion to be gained from Facebook must be weighed against the other channels like TikTok, Instagram and You Tube when devising a long term strategy. Facebook has noticed, and is feeling the effects of TikTok, which is why you’re seeing more emphasis on Instagram Reels.

If you’re a regular Facebook user you would have noticed that they constantly change the way business pages work. You would have also noticed that you no longer get the free organic reach that you used to. Facebook blamed it on the increasing competition among status posts for the top of your news feed, and now you have no choice but to pay for promotion.

Ready for social media marketing services?

Great! Then head over to my social media price plans and pick something you like.


Short-form videos rule in 2024

You can no longer build your audience by static posts alone. This year the video trend intensifies:

  • Facebook Reels
  • Instagram Reels
  • YouTube Shorts
  • TikTok

Don’t think that videos have to be polished productions and require influencers to be successful. Building your brand is way more than that.


Other Social Media Marketing

We do not provide specialized service plans for the other platforms like Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, as these platforms don’t require a lot of hours of investment. These services may be included as part of the social media package.