Email Marketing

Email marketing has been growing in popularity for Trini businesses. Not everyone is doing it right


Email Marketing in Trinidad & Tobago

EMAIL MARKETING is a powerful tool but only if done right. It been growing in Trinidad & Tobago as online marketing really intensified in 2014. Many email service providers have great looking email templates available, but businesses are at a loss on what it takes to make it work. The key to it: CONTENT.

The truth is, Trinis read many emails daily from US companies and would do the same for any local business. But if their email newsletter isn’t done by someone who knows what they’re doing, opting to do it ‘in-house’ like the rest of their online marketing to save money, it’s never going to perform, leaving them to scratch their heads wondering why.

An Email A Trini Would Read? One That’s Written For Them

  • Email newsletters are for your customer/potential customer not for you
  • Trini’s want a professional email but with a Trini flavor that speaks to them
  • Trini’s don’t like spam, so have them opt in- meaning:  let them subscribe
  • Content is KING so choose your content wisely or have a professional do it
  • Your email must have a goal for your business that you can measure
  • You should have clear CALLS TO ACTION i.e. for your reader to act/do something
  • It should work in tandem with your website (you have a website right?)

Why Use An Email Service- Instead of Sending Mass Emails

  • Number one reason: your email looks professional, making you look professional
  • You can create and segment your lists to target your emails
  • You can track campaigns, see who opens, clicks, shares your email
  • You can use campaign results to fine-tune future emails

My Email Services

I strongly recommend using an email service so you can monitor and track your campaigns for optimum results. If you’re really on a tight budget and have to use a stripped down approach, we can discuss that too. My services include setting up, configuring the email service, mining & compiling your email list, writing email newsletter copy, tracking the campaign. Fee: quotable, depending on the size and campaign.

Email Conversion Rates are generally low

Like any other online tool, email competes for your reader’s attention and he or she is already overwhelmed and bombarded by twenty other emails. So even though they ‘opt-in’, a successful conversion isn’t guaranteed.