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You shouldn’t be salivating, you should be foaming at the mouth! It’s really something to witness this online revolution in Trinidad & Tobago. Recently, I saw a Facebook post, a business looking for a Content Creator, they’re everywhere now… and I mean ads for content creators and content creators. … Read More

In a clear signal that local E-Commerce is steadily marching forward, Scotiabank has introduced it’s very own payment gateway called Scotia eCom+™. It’s the first direct competitor to the First Atlantic Commerce (FAC), which has been the only similar option available in Trinidad & Tobago.
While FAC will still be available … Read More

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I don’t get giddy for any upticks or trends real or imagined. For a while now I’ve chosen to simply report the facts. The fact is there is a discernible steady ‘canter’ in both the website design and E-Commerce marketplace. It’s amazing that the industry is even on it’s feet … Read More

Limping is putting it mildly; it’s more between a limp and two broken legs, pathetically dragging on the floor for all of 2018. If E-Commerce in Trinidad & Tobago was an animal, I’d shoot it and put it out of it’s misery. Fortunately, website design has remained constant and solid, … Read More

The Ministry of Trade and Industry of Trinidad & Tobago (MTI) formally announced their “National E-Commerce Strategy 2017-2021” on Wednesday 6th Dec 2017. You know, me, mention ‘E-Commerce’ and my antennas fly out and then some. But truth be told, it was of no surprise as I was consulted for … Read More

What if I told you that 2017 was a good year for web design and E-Commerce in Trinidad & Tobago? Cart me off to St. Anns right? Most national indicators were actually UP in 2017, unfortunately not the good ones— crime (the real biggy), inflation, corruption to name a few, … Read More

Forward Multimedia is promoting a NATIONAL CYBER MONDAY EVENT this November 27, 2017 in an effort to boost E-Commerce in Trinidad & Tobago. No apologies for the American-style ‘we-too’, it’s already ingrained in the national psyche and best put it to work for the sake of the the bigger picture. … Read More

It’s been my best and worst year since I started websiting. If I write everything you’ll swear I’m making it up. At it’s peak I was flying above the stratosphere with grand visions of Forward Multimedia going interstellar at ten times the speed of light! At its worst I … Read More

I’ll start with the direct quote from your Finance Minister’s budget statement on Friday 30 September, 2016:. “Madam Speaker, the popularity of online purchases has increased significantly over the past few years. Reducing the demand for these items helps to save on foreign exchange and to assist local industry. There … Read More

With the dreaded budget day 2016 getting very close, Trinis expect and will get the worst news, and no telling how this will impact E-Commerce investment and related activity as I really can’t call it now. Immediately what comes to mind is the online shopping tax proposed last year and … Read More

That sound you heard was the recession slamming into web design like a Mack truck. Despite the glimmer of hope at the start of the year, by the second quarter of 2016 everything dropped sheer off the edge of the cliff. Yes, website design in Trinidad & Tobago took a … Read More

Trini business owners have to make a choice between investing in their website or ‘expensing’ it to weather this Trinidad & Tobago recession. From the looks of it, it looks like it’s going to be a long one and things are probably going to get worse, much worse, before they … Read More

That title reads like written for a news agency doesn’t it? It’s the truth though, I believe the jury came back in and that IS the verdict. If you recall, I said that the jury was out on whether Trini businesses would hold off on websites or invest in them … Read More

The immediate post-election talk about this online shopping tax did pique my interest because it fell in my ‘gyaden’, but my concern instantly faded when the new Finance Minister dismissed it just as quickly by saying he did dismiss it quickly. To write something about it would have been to … Read More

Regardless of which side of the fence you’re on (and if you’re on it, ouch) the new government of Trinidad & Tobago is in charge of our affairs for the next five years. The PP Party is challenging as we all know, filing writs and such, but that’s another story, … Read More

One day T-Commerce will come to Trinidad & Tobago, for the moment, we’ll be focusing on just the E. The T will come maybe sooner than you think.

Right away that title is misleading, deliberately of course. Trinidad KFC teaches us nothing but we can learn a lot from the recent events online and off, revolving around the increased prices on their menu that sparked a public outcry that still continues at the time of this article.
Health arguments … Read More

Yes I thought the day would never come soon enough, the day we would have a payment gateway available for online business in Trinidad & Tobago. But as you are aware, it had already come a while ago through Scotiabank yet that’s not the day I’m talking about, and I’ll … Read More