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I’ll start with the direct quote from your Finance Minister’s budget statement on Friday 30 September, 2016:. “Madam Speaker, the popularity of online purchases has increased significantly over the past few years. Reducing the demand for these items helps to save on foreign exchange and to assist local ... Read More


Call me the Oracle of E-Commerce in Trinidad & Tobago, say it! But you already knew that didn’t you? Well I’m not going to beat my chest… well, maybe just rap it lightly. A number of developments have developed of late and what has me excited is that ... Read More


There is renewed interest in E-Commerce in Trinidad & Tobago in significant contrast to the drop in website business this year, even after an optimistic start. There are also many enquiries; whether or not they will lead to actual online stores remains to be seen. I’ve been inundated with ... Read More


It has a pulse doctor… the Trinidad & Tobago online Store Directory has finally taken human form. My second of two (2) major projects that I had planned for 2015 is finally a reality (the first one was an official support system in case you’re curious). ... Read More


The immediate post-election talk about this online shopping tax did pique my interest because it fell in my ‘gyaden’, but my concern instantly faded when the new Finance Minister dismissed it just as quickly by saying he did dismiss it quickly. To write something about it would have ... Read More


Regardless of which side of the fence you’re on (and if you’re on it, ouch) the new government of Trinidad & Tobago is in charge of our affairs for the next five years. The PP Party is challenging as we all know, filing writs and such, but that’s ... Read More


E-Commerce in Trinidad & Tobago is growing slowly but surely. It's still going to be some time until we have a humming marketplace with solid online stores


All online stores in Trinidad & Tobago in one easy to find place, how cool is that? Backed by Forward Multimedia, this directory is launching soon!


What makes one company more successful over the other is its ability to use available tools effectively to achieve business goals. A website however, puts the control of a company's destiny in their own hands much more than any other marketing medium.


Local business association leaders from Chaguanas and San Fernando have lamented the fact that Trinis have spent as much as US $500 million in online shopping in the last year in a C News Live television report aired on December 7. Of course they weren't lamenting that Trinis spent that ... Read More