Website Design

Why do you want a website for your business? Are you prepared to do what it takes?


Your business website should WORK 24/7 to bring you customers. If it doesn’t bring you customers, IT’S NOT WORKING!

Forward Multimedia doesn’t just give you a website, but gives you a business website that works. Most people don’t appreciate the sheer power of a website to generate leads and bring in new customers and never get the chance to, because an optimal website is usually an afterthought.

So decide now, do you want a website or a website that works?


Most websites in Trinidad & Tobago would fall into this category. For want of a better word, it is your ‘typical’ company website, containing all information about the business, history, mission, vision, products, services, project portfolio, with featured selling points. What makes these websites work, is attention to:

  • Optimized homepage with featured selling points
  • Homepage slider using own images (no stock photos)
  • Robust project portfolio highlighting expertise applied
  • Image galleries organized and categorized
  • Customer testimonials, commercial logo slider
  • Calls to action placed strategically sitewide


These are more customized corporate websites with a focus on particular business-types. Examples are: medical offices (doctors, dental, optical etc.), hairdressers, hotels, spas, schools, churches, non-profits etc.

In addition to the features available on the corporate websites, additional niche features include:

  • Style, look & feel of niche by default
  • Pre-formatted services like courses, opening hours,
  • Pre-made forms for online booking/appointments
  • Specialized contact forms
  • Event calendars, donation buttons
  • Other unique elements


These are specially designed for specific purpose because of the business and are usually more interactive sites, like employment sites, real estate listings, classified ads, automobile listings. They pretty much have to be used for their intended purpose and can’t be easily adapted for anything else. Key features:

  • Style, look & feel of speciality by default
  • Extra elements like special search filters
  • Can be either WordPress based or proprietary CMS
  • Is usually more expensive than regular websites

I use website templates


Some website companies like to proudly proclaim that they don’t use templates but ‘hand code’ websites from scratch. There is absolutely no need to re-invent the wheel and there is NO ADVANTAGE in coding a custom website. In fact, I believe that’s a disadvantage.

There are literally hundreds of templates themed for specific businesses like photography, restaurant, children, fashion, technology, retail, corporate, marketing, all with their own unique styles. I normally browse through and bookmark those I think would be ideal for a certain business, so when I do get a client who needs such a website, I already have a few templates to recommend.

Current Web Design Trends

Web Design is extremely fluid Today’s templates are light years ahead of those of 2011 when Forward Multimedia started. It’s now EASIER than ever (for me!) to design a site.

Latest trends are:

  • Full-width websites
  • Responsive for all devices (tablets, mobile)
  • Layer Sliders (images over background)
  • Parallax scrolling (giving 3D effect)
  • Animations using HTML5 coding
  • Mega Menus

Compiling your site's content- YOUR TASK

Your website needs YOUR content, and who better to give it to me but you? However, from a web design perspective, I provide guidance on the best way to organize and compile your info based on the site’s outline we determine from our discussions.

The Forward Flowchart