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Call me the Oracle of E-Commerce in Trinidad & Tobago, say it! But you already knew that didn’t you? Well I’m not going to beat my chest… well, maybe just rap it lightly. A number of developments have developed of late and what has me excited is that these developments ... Read More
September 13, 2016admin


Trini business owners have to make a choice between investing in their website or ‘expensing’ it to weather this Trinidad & Tobago recession. From the looks of it, it looks like it’s going to be a long one and things are probably going to get worse, much worse, before they ... Read More
May 6, 2016admin


I like to maco as much as the next Trini. I see a Trini looking ad on the side of my Facebook page and you bet I'm going to click. For every 10 Trinis who see that ad my guess is that 9 won't resist and the 10th already clicked ... Read More
August 28, 2013admin


Now that there is a local online payment solution available to the masses— and I'm referring to the First Atlantic Commerce payment gateway— I'm not too surprised at the still 'slow-out-of the-gate' response. The reason has nothing to so with the gateway itself, and while it may be perceived as ... Read More
May 24, 2013admin