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Last updated: September 2023

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is for being found on Google first, maybe only...

Yes there are many search engines out there but THE search engine is Google, and our SEO services in Trinidad AND Tobago focuses on the Big Dog.


SEO is an ongoing process to obtain a high search rank so services require month to month programs.

SEO services in Trinidad & TobagoIn 2023, there are no search engines, it’s just the all mighty Google powering over 90% of all searches on the planet. Bing is a tiny dot so far away in second place with an embarrassing 3% that if it disappeared no one would notice.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services in Trinidad & Tobago has been in growing demand as more companies are seeking to strengthen their search rank. Now, as it should be, local companies very much depend on their websites to bring in business. This translates to a more crowded search result with formidable competitors instead of other business listings as was the case before.

SEO in Trinidad & Tobago

Also in 2023 Trinis are typing hopefully every day looking for your business more than ever. Not a day goes by that someone types a keyword or keyphrase, tacking ‘trinidad’ at the end— and we all do it! And it’s only the first page that matters wouldn’t you agree? There’s a running joke that the Google’s second page is the best place to hide a dead body. coincidentally, they’re also searching for this page too, for SEO services in Trinidad AND Tobago.

Despite the increasing number of websites, there are still instances where the results returned are either one of two types:

  1. Directory listings like Yellow Pages or any other listing except actual websites
  2. Poorly designed websites not worthy of the first page but are there anyway

How can this happen? The reason is simple: it’s all that was available for Google to rank and hence, no competition. When the pickings are so slim, without much effort, a slightly better optimized site can rise up the rankings. But you know the saying: in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king, so such a rise to the top is no accomplishment, nothing to crow about.

If you’re thinking about SEO, then start by doing the KEYWORD RESEARCH before you call me.

Forward Multimedia's rank for 'seo services trinidad'

In my research for rewriting and updating this page, I noticed that my premium keyword changed from ‘seo trinidad’ which I was ranking consistently at number one, to ‘seo services trinidad’ where I ranked in third and fourth positions for 2 different pages (click image below to see) when I wrote this page in December 2019.

By the end of January 2020, in just one month, this page was ranked number one, and still is today in 2023.

Google SEO Trinidad Keyword Research

Visitors don't search for a crappy website

The goal of SEO is to drive traffic to your website. The goal of your website is to convert visitors into customers. When a visitor clicks on your search result, that’s SEO saying ‘here you go, I believe this is what you’re looking for’, and hands off the visitor to your website. If your site can’t finish the job, then all your hard work is for nothing. I recommend you focus on preparing for the traffic first.

High bounce rates impact a site's SEO

A key indicator to Google that your visitor in’t happy with your site is something called ‘Bounce Rate’. The official Oxford definition is: “the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page.”.

There is no magic figure to aim for, and there are many other reports in your Google Analytics to evaluate your site’s overall performance. However, the bounce rate is general rule of thumb.

SEO is part of a holistic approach, not independent

You can’t just ‘do SEO’ without a critical and comprehensive evaluation of the destination. SEO is just one component of your online marketing strategy. SEO brings in the traffic organically without having to pay. After that, what the visitor experience is crucial for conversion into actual business. For this reason we don’t recommend SEO in a vacuum.


White Hat SEO Techniques

Forward Multimedia doesn’t game the search engine, but applies SEO best practices as recommended by Google (White Hat SEO) and I stay away from unapproved tactics (Black Hat SEO).

A search optimized website doesn’t appear magically, it requires hard work. Like I said before, many top ranked local sites on Google TT do not belong there and will eventually be displaced when truly deserving optimized sites come along.

Optimizing for search engines starts with applying basic best practices as the foundation of more focused techniques at the next level. It typically includes the following list (not exhaustive).

  • Finding the right title- page and heading
  • Proper keywords- from keyword research
  • Writing the right amount of words
  • Using the right images- and optimizing file size
  • Using social media
  • Web page design & layout- for humans
  • The page speed- how fast page loads
  • Site security- need HTTPS, no malware

If you're ready for 'SEO Services Trinidad'

See what I did there? If you haven’t done so already, please visit my SEO pricing page and take a gander at them there pricing.


2023 SEO Trends

Google is always refining its algorithm to improve the relevancy of results. You can’t game the system, only employ its best practices. Websites that enrich their visitor experience wins. Some trends in 2023 that will aid ranking:

  • Don’t rely on ChatGPT
  • Use of Rich and Featured Snippets
  • Better mobile versions
  • Optimizing videos for search
  • Optimizing content for longer visit times
  • Use multiple content platforms

You don't have to be number one!

The top spot on Google search is super great, but here’s the good news, you don’t need to be the first result to earn the lion’s share of business.

The top result is 100% guaranteed a visit and four just below about 99%, with the rate dropping for the bottom five results.

Searchers don’t look for the best designed website, they’re looking for the site that provides the best emotional connection. Google can’t rank that… yet.

What about Forward Multimedia's own SEO?

I can’t offer SEO service if I can’t do t for myself can I? Here’s the proof. Forward Multimedia ranks in the top 3 consistently. often at number one, and always on the first page, for the following premium keywords in the local marketplace:

  1. website design trinidad (#1 & 2 past few years)
  2. e commerce trinidad (#1 we own this!)
  3. seo services trinidad (#1 since 2020)
  4. social media marketing trinidad (#1 in 2023)

Additional Reading: Help from Google

Feel free to acquaint yourself about Google search from none other than Google itself. Some stuff may be a bit ‘techy’ but it should give you a general idea so you can make better sense of SEO. Check out their guide.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide

'seo services trinidad' rank

seo services trinidad google rank