Hike POS: An affordable E-Commerce-ready POS for Trinidad & Tobago

Many small businesses in T&T are using this E-Commerce-ready POS

Hike: Affordable Cloud-Based Point of Sale (POS) System as low as $59 USD per month

Forward Multimedia offers Hike, a budget-friendly all-in-one retail platform and a leading retail POS software in the cloud with everything you need to run & grow your business for as low as $59 USD per month.

The Point of Sale software is E-Commerce ready, and you can upgrade at any time and pay a total cost of $99 USD per month for the POS/E-Commerce combo.

Integrates with WooCommerce
Integrates with Shopify

3 Piece Hardware Starter from $2,300 TTD

Prices vary by brand. Use your own desktop, laptop or tablet.

Handheld Scanner
from $375 TTD

The most basic hardware needed. These are available in a variety of brands and price points, including standing versions depending on your business needs.
Receipt Printer
from $770 TTD

You may choose a thermal printer which prints 2 inch receipts from a roll, or use a standard printer using regular copy paper for full page invoices.
Label printer
from $1,200 TTD

Many products already have barcodes on the packaging, so no need for a label printer to print barcodes, just scan straight off the box.

Complete system: hardware: from $2,300 TTD (one time) PLUS software: $59 USD per month

Forward Multimedia offers Hike POS, which can be used on any computer or device with internet connection and a browser. Hike is designed to make things simpler and that goes for its setup process as well.


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Intuitive retail software, quick to setup, easy to use and feature-rich

Set up on your own on or use our implementation service

Onboarding Packages
Hike POS is easy to set up, but if onboarding packages are available to get you going for as low as $2,500 TTD.
24/7 support
The Hike support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by email and live chat, and there are no premium support charges.
Educational resources
Step-by-step knowledge base docs and user guides are available online, and useful video tutorials to help you and your team get started with Hike.

Upgrade to POS/E-Commerce plan when ready for $99 USD/mth!*

*($99 USD/mth when paid annually and $119 USD/mth if paying monthly for the POS/E-Commerce combo.

Online store ready
Upgrade plan when ready to sell online; Hike integrates with WooCommerce or Shopify to connect your POS seamlessly.
Accept online payments
Our local payment gateways First Atlantic Commerce (FAC) and Scotiabank eCom+ integrate with WooCommerce & Shopify to accept Visa and Mastercard.
Manage online inventory
Online store stock and POS stock are seamlessly synced so you don't sell more than you have and you won't be left unable to fulfil and order.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

No. Hike Point of Sale is only available via the cloud by subscription only. There is no software to install on your local computer at your physical store’s premises.

Yes. Hike Point of Sale requires an active internet connection to work. It is advisable to have back-up internet access via alternative provider, MiFi, or you may use your phone’s data plan. Most of the Hike’s selling features also works offline so your business does not stop with your internet. You can continue selling even when offline and when you are back online, your data will automatically sync to your cloud.

You need at least the following:

  1. Barcode scanner- either handheld or desktop
  2. Computing device- either desktop, laptop or tablet
  3. Receipt printer- either thermal printer (for mini receipts), or regular printer for full page receipts

You do not necessarily need a label printer as most products already have barcodes on their labels. Alternatively, a regular printer can print labels as well.

Yes. There is no obligation to purchase hardware from us. You are free to source hardware from other suppliers in Trinidad & Tobago, or even import yourself if it will be cheaper. We understand that businesses try their best to save on expenses.

Yes. Depending on your current POS software, it may be possible to migrate your data without having to start over from scratch. You can let us know what POS you are using so we may assess beforehand.

Most hardware (barcode scanners, label & receipt printers) are compatible with Hike POS, so it’s possible to only do a software switch without having to buy new hardware.

Hike POS is suitable for any retail business small or large, like mini-marts/convenience stores, clothes stores, gift shops, electronics, health & beauty, home decor, jewelry, toys, pets, sporting goods, coffee shop etc.

No. In-store set-up and implementation is a separate service and not included, and generally starts at $5,000 TTD if you use our local team to do so in person. However, Hike is easy to set-up for a non-technical person.

Yes. Hike POS is easy to connect and set up if you’re savvy enough. Many customers prefer to do it themselves to save the additional expense, especially as Hike provides full support. You may also talk to us for additional remote support and guidance.

Hike made it a mission to create a point-of-sale system that really works.