Get Started: Business Website

CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve made a great decision and it ‘s my pleasure to partner with you to build your new website. Getting started involves a few steps, starting with getting acquainted, then officially committed followed by a systematic process. We both have our own responsibilities that need to be fulfilled to make your site a reality. READY, SET, GO!


You've chosen the best web design company in T&T!

I’ve worked hard to bring Forward Multimedia to its present status as a premier website design company in Trinidad & Tobago. You’re intrigued enough to reach this far, so let’s go one step further. Whatever the package you’ve chosen, Standard, Corporate or Premium, getting the ball rolling is a simple process:


SCHEDULE AN MEETING: Give me a call to schedule, I meet you at your location. Here we’ll meet face to face and discuss your website goals. If you’ve picked a website package, this will be only to exchange ideas and formulate a plan. If you need a custom package, we’ll discuss so I can quote.

  • Assess domain ownership (see sidebar)
  • Explain site-building process
  • Discuss site objectives, design, layout
  • Set completion date


MAKE FINANCIAL COMMITMENT: After formally meeting, I’ll need your financial commitment to make the project official. My standard terms are 50% deposit and the balance is payable when the site is complete and ready to go live.

  • I'll send an official invoice
  • Payment by cheque or direct deposit
  • You 3rd party costs directly (domain/hosting purchase)
  • Balance payable when site is complete


SEND SITE CREDENTIALS: If it’s a website redesign, I’ll need your domain/hosting log-ins to begin set-up. If it’s a brand new site then the domain and hosting will be purchased (I’ll assist with the process.

  • Activate domain with hosting plan
  • Set up email accounts
  • Install WordPress
  • Put up maintenance page


SUBMIT CONTENT: While we go through the choosing a template round, you should start sending your initial content. My recommended format is text in a single Word Doc and images in a folder that you can zip and send as an attachment.

  • Send your images, logos etc.
  • Send standard site pages (About, Mission, etc.)
  • Keep sending content
  • Use cloud service like Dropbox to share large images

Who Owns Your Domain?

That’s not a trick question. If you already have a website, do you have full access to your domain and hosting accounts? Do you have all the usernames and passwords? Was your domain registered in your name.

Given my experience in the website business, chances are you have no idea what’s going on, nor understand fully the way domains/hosting works,

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