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The Forward Multimedia Client Area is specially created to give my clients access to resources that they or their staff can use to manage their website or online store without me. One of the first things new clients ask is whether they’ll be able to update their sites by themselves. The answer is always yes because content management systems, like WordPress, allows that easily. But I’ve found that clients are still apprehensive and unsure even after my training session.

Though there are many WordPress and Magento tutorials available online if you Google, my tutorials and resources are based on client feedback and experience, so they’re tailored to the on the ground realities of what clients really need assistance with.

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What's Inside...

  1. Introduction to WordPress
  2. Your site Pages, Posts & Menu
  3. Changing Slider Images
  4. Understanding Widgets
  5. Understanding Plug-ins
  6. Your site’s Footer Area

What's Inside...

  1. Introduction to Magento
  2. Your site Pages & Menu
  3. Changing Slider Images
  4. Managing Categories
  5. Adding Products
  6. Processing Orders

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