Cyber Security

Cyber Crime and Cyber Security is a real threat and closer to home than you think. Local companies have already become victims. All reports must FIRST be made to nearest TTPS.


Your organization's information security is paramount and not restricted to access to your stored information right here in T&T but also what can be intercepted via emails and other communication.

It’s not IT’s problem. Local companies and organizations need to re-evaluate their strategic ICT and information security needs. Forward Multimedia has partnered with Pinaka Technology Solutions to offer Cyber Security workshops and services.

Cyber Security

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For all the good it did by bringing the world closer and smaller, so to it opened up new opportunities and multiple doorways to do us harm. The internet is a blessing and a curse. No matter what you do there is always someone lurking, waiting to ‘tief’.

They steal your information, identity, reputation and of course, your money, using ever so creative means and adding new words to the dictionary to describe them: Phishing, Spoofing, Vishing, Water Holing, Skimming.

Today, information security must become part of your risk management strategy, and must be properly aligned with organizational structure and organizational behavior.

The internet is a blessing and a curse. No matter what you do there is always someone lurking, waiting to ‘tief’!

No company or individual is immune and one constant in this ever changing world is the Law of Murphy, and when you least expect it, BAM- it jumps up and bites you in the …ahem.

Overview of Cyber Crime & Cyber Security in Trinidad & Tobago

Incidents of cyber crime have made multiple headlines in the past few years, specifically reporting attacks on our government’s computer networks, allegedly by both outsiders and insiders. One of the most recent has been the ‘Emailgate’ scandal which you can Google.

Any crime, online or off is cause for concern but it’s not to say that the number of incidents in Trinidad & Tobago has reached epidemic proportions. However, it has been to the fore of late, and that should be a cue to put a little more on the gas.

An Inter-ministerial Committee (IMC) Established by Cabinet in March 2010 to develop a coordinated cyber security strategy with a mandate of developing a coordinated National Cyber Security Strategy and Action Plan and did develop and obtain approval for a National Cybercrime Policy in February 2013.

The Trinidad and Tobago Cybercrime Bill 2014 was introduced in the House of Representatives in March 2014 to provide for the creation of offences related to cybercrime and for other related matters in Trinidad and Tobago.

The Cyber Crime Unit (CCU) of Trinidad & Tobago

A special unit of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service was established in 2008, called Cyber Crime Unit (CCU), with the following powers:

  • Investigates all incidents of cyber crime,
  • Proactive internet investigations including computer crime and Smart Phone related crimes
  • Staffed with highly skilled and trained professionals
  • Undertakes public awareness through lectures and presentations to schools and any interested persons

PLEASE NOTE: The Cyber Crime Unit of the Trinidad and Tobago works through the TTPS to handle cases. The process is that you must FIRST make your report to the nearest police station (closest area as per the related incident) and they will forward to the Cyber Crime Unit.


This bill will bolster the operations of the Cyber Crime Unit (CCU). The stated purpose of the bill:

The purpose of the Cybercrime Bill, 2014 is to provide for the creation of offences related to cybercrime and for other related matters in Trinidad and Tobago. The Bill would be inconsistent with sections 4 and 5 of the Constitution and is therefore required to be passed by a special majority of three-fifths of the members of each House.

Did you know that many T&T companies are already victims?

Sad but true. I have confirmed accounts of major cyber crime incidents involving local companies that happened very easily without raising any red flags until it was too late.


Introducing Pinaka Technology Solutions

Pinaka Technology Solutions, offers corporate entities and public institutions consultancy on strategic matters of ICT and Information Security.

Founder Shiva Bissessar is an Information Security Specialist and “Train the Trainer” certified technologist and he offers private sessions for IT departments and corporate groups interested in preparing for digital intrusions.

Of late he has been focusing on bringing awareness to cutting edge issues within the Information Security domain including areas Digital Currencies, Cyber Security and Cloud Computing (security and privacy).

Pinaka Technology Solutions
Shiva Bissessar, Information Security Specialist

Need more info on Cyber Security?

Feel free to contact Shiva directly and please mention your referral by Forward Multimedia, or you may contact me as well.

Contact Cyber Crime Unit of TTPS

The Cyber Crime Unit of the TTPS has no direct number listed on the TTPS website. If you are the victim of a cyber crime, I recommend filing an official police report and have them forward to the Cyber Crime Unit.